About us

For leaders. By leaders

The People Space ™  helps HR and people leaders to get Future Fit, Fast through useful, accessible, bite-size original and expertly-curated content from influential and award-winning practitioners, thinkers and writers.

Our mission is to positively promote the value created by people in an age when increasingly humans will work alongside machines. Our vision is Inspiring People Leaders to Seize the Future of Work.

In today’s age of information overload, automation, digital transformation and disruptive change to skills and job roles, investing in continuous learning is critical to the success of organisations. As the pace and scale of change accelerates, leaders need to invest in their own development just as much as in that of their employees.

Our audience

  • Believes people and HR leaders can help positively shape a future where people and machines work alongside each other
  • Recognises that in order to disrupt business, you must first disrupt yourself
  • Believes in the potential of people to positively transform business and society
  • Wants to increase their organisation’s value, reputation and health
  • Has a lifelong-learning mindset
  • Has a positive mindset, is collaborative and wants to co-create
  • Is happy to share experiences and expertise


The People Space comprises a private membership group, PeopleSpaceLeaders, and an open-access website ThePeopleSpace.

PeopleSpaceLeaders shares high-quality experience, both for professional development of individuals and for advancement in how people and organisations create value in the Fourth Industrial age. It offers a secure and vetted environment in which to learn about the significant changes taking place in the external environment and world of work, share real-life challenges and be challenged, learn from peers and authoritative experts, and access learning wherever you are and whenever you want through secure, digital platforms.

ThePeopleSpace website contains multimedia content based around practical experiences and case studies; critical thinking, ideas, smart insights and opinion from experts plus the unique perspectives of our brand partners.

Who are we?
The People Space is brought to you by London, UK-based Siân Harrington, an award-winning business journalist, publisher, company director and non-executive director who ran HR magazine, and Nigel Pritchard, a marketing and communications specialist who has worked with both large organisations and entrepreneurs. Together they firmly believe that a positive and productive work culture is beneficial to the individual, organisation, wider economy and society, and are enthusiastic about the positive impact good people leaders can make to business and humanity in the Fourth Industrial age.