How to Become a More Commercial HR Leader: Re-tooling HR for Sucess Now video series

How to Become a More Commercial HR Leader: Re-tooling HR for Sucess Now video series

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How to Become a More Commercial HR Leader: Re-tooling HR for Success Now from The People Space on Vimeo.


This video masterclass comprises four sets of bite-size modules to help HR professionals build a credible, commercial HR function and develop a commercial mindset. With insights, tools and techniques based on the deep experience of influential HR directors and thought leaders, the modules give advice on delivering value today and future-proofing for tomorrow.


Filmed in front of a live audience of HR directors and chief executives, this series is designed to provide HR leaders, business partners and other HR professionals with a quick, accessible guide to the changes affecting the workplace. Each of the modules can be purchased separately or Buy them ALL here for a 25% discount!

Module One: HR Guide to the Future of Work
Top HR influencer Dave Millner is passionate about the vital role that HR can provide to organisations and has been supporting HR functions to become more commercially focused so that they can provide a transformational workforce experience to their employees.

Drawing on his 30 years in HR and finance, including most recently as executive consulting partner at IBM Workforce Science, in these videos Dave examines the disruptions impacting the world of work, the trends and challenges that those who work in HR need to consider for their organisations to flourish, and where an organisation should invest its money in HR to ensure it delivers value today and tomorrow. Distilling years of reading major reports on the world of work, Dave shares models and analysis to provide a roadmap to the future of work.

Module Two: How to Commercialise your HR function today
Want to get 20% more done for the same money, get up to 30% more effort from 60% of people, double the effectiveness of implementation, improve customer service and create a future-focused, entrepreneurial organisation – all for almost no financial investment?

Drawing on his 30 years as a leader in the military, business and government working with organisations around the world, Chris Roebuck offers his unique insights and proven models to help HR business partners, managers and leaders to be more successful. Learn about making a compelling case for return on investment in HR to get your chief executive and chief financial officer on board, the simple tips and techniques to get the best from all your employees, how neuroscience impacts people’s behaviour in work and the three critical steps for success in HR.

Module Three: Shifting to HR Entrepreneur
Award-winning HR director Karen Beaven is passionate about people experience and entrepreneurship. After a high flying career, predominantly in retail, she decided to 'go it alone' and launch a number of businesses including coaching and an HR entrepreneurs network.

In these two videos she shares how she brought commercial thinking into HR in her previous role as HR director at fashion retail firm River Island as well as sharing her tops tips for developing an entrepreneurial mindset.

Module 4: Commercial HR in the Public Sector
Wendy Cartwright is uniquely placed to share her experience of commerciality in the public sector, having spent many years working in high profile roles such as HR director at the Olympic Delivery Authority and, now, HR lead at the Palace of Westminster Restoration and Renewal Programme, the project to restore the iconic home of the UK Parliament. In her career Wendy has led the development of HR and organisation development strategies for major projects, developing and leading workforce plans, and ensuring value for money is achieved.

In these modules, she discusses the meaning of commerciality in the public sector and shares lessons from major public sector bodies, including her experience at the Olympic Delivery Authority.

PLUS Bonus material
1. Jeremy Campbell, chief commercial officer and former HR director of international Payroll and HR experts SD Worx, on Customer, Culture and Communication: the route to commercialising HR
2. Karen Beaven, founder of PX Innovations, on top resources to help you become an HR Entrepreneur