PeopleSpaceLeaders Annual Membership: PLATINUM

PeopleSpaceLeaders Annual Membership: PLATINUM

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PeopleSpaceLeaders is a membership network designed to facilitate connections, insights, sharing and collaboration between people and HR leaders interested in understanding where value will be created by people in the digital and Fourth Industrial worlds of work. It cuts through the misinformation and noise with tightly curated videos and resources, to save HR directors and other people leaders time and anxiety finding what they need to know about the digital workplace.

Our mission is to positively promote the value created by people in a digitally disruptive age when increasingly humans will work alongside machines.

Platinum membership includes the following benefits:

  • Access to resources on the vetted community website, including expertly-curated videos and research designed to save you time
  • Ability to 'friend' members across the world, post interesting articles and questions to the network and live chat confidentially with members
  • Access to an iOS and Android network app for on-the-move connection
  • Free access to events organised by The People Space
  • Online learning including a free personal development plan delivered by a global expert
  • Profile raising including bespoke and fully-licensed content creation and the chance to have a dedicated channel on The People Space open-access website
  • Exclusive Platinum dinners in a prestigious London venue with an expert speaker
  • Three free Silver memberships for members of your team

Join leading award-winning HR directors, non-executive directors and influential thinkers from organisations including EXL, Dorchester Collection, Palace of Westminster, BBC, Gatwick Airport, PepsiCo and University of Sheffield in the PeopleSpaceLeaders network.